Why students should join Stutern

Unemployment index remains a significant measure for the level of development in any country of the world. However, Nigerians have found a long lasting solution to this menace as it affects youth.

“With the increase of unemployable graduates that are churned out yearly, encouraging an internship culture is the only solution that the employers can truly and fully nurture for developing employable talents for themselves and peace for the nation. We believe that internship is the key solution to solving youth unemployment in a nation like Nigeria. Its important will now start to gain unavoidable vibrancy in our society and Stutern will be the leading platform that will make this happen for Nigeria and other emerging economies. We are calling on every undergraduates, graduates and youth Corp members to join stutern.com today” Co Founder, Kehinde Ayanleye.

Stutern (From STUDENT & INTERN I guess), an online internship platform where interns connects with employees with few clicks on the website, did I say interns,Yes paid internships. I know you will love that.

Stutern website offers two broad category of services for prospective interns and employers, an option where students can register, update their profile, search/apply for internships and even print a customized stutern CV. Internships positions on the site cuts across Digital media, Software development, Law, Engineering, Health etc.
Employers also have an avenue to recruit directly from the pools of interns by providing company details, post openings, search for candidates and invite interns for interview upon application.

The website display list of openings, job roles with brief details on mode of application and requirements, though the web app is yet to be made available but the website is easy to navigate and they offer online help desk beneath the site page.

Guess what!!
The Stutern team  promised to gift individual interns a customized T-shirt upon your successful appointment.

Do your friend, Siblings or Course mates sits at home over placement hunting. Log on to Stutern.com and don’t forget to share this post.

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