Why Students Copy-Paste

Students of any departments in tertiary institutions globally are faced with some academic challenges, most especially when it has to do with making good grades. Most Students rely heavily on what is attainable online, done by someone else while the extremely lazy students pay for a writer to carry out their assignments for them. Nigerian students, however remain “DON” in the usage of Control keys on their smartphones, computers etc.

Why do you think Students Copy-Paste?
Copy pasting is a very common element in Nigeria tertiary institutions among all cadres of students, this is because Nigerians are particularly lazy when it comes to studying hard, rather than just reading updates on Facebook, they copy every single character on “WikiPedia” and paste in their note pads. A successful “copy-pasting” is referred to as “Plagiarism”.

Below are some of the reasons why students copy-paste
 1. Absence of writing skills: an average Nigerian students lacks good writing skills and as such keep reading every web pages and journals without putting down a phrase from all the passages due to their inability to write a compelling write ups, and when the deadline hits the bell, they end up pasting the web pages.
2. Too occupied to study: most  students are busy with something else entirely like chatting, surfing the net, night crawling, gambling, attending parties and they become busy that they can even write down the questions in the class, they either end up printing just the first page and copy others or paying serious students for their assignments.
3. Procrastination: Even the unserious scholars are not left out of it, when you posses the ability to bring words together but you are never chanced of sitting down to complete your assignments, most students procrastinate due to their laziness and slow computing skills.
4. Internet Abuse: Internet syndrome here means that the internet had paved way for lazy students to access pools for information online, stress-free and at a cheaper rates.
5. Covetousness: Yes, this is also part of it as some students upon submission will realize that a friend used 20+ pages in his assignments while he used just 10, therefore decides to add some extra pages to his work after he must have had the over all best assignments.

It’s high time you desist from copy-pasting and if you can do away with it, be very smart, good and perfect with it.

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