What is The Meaning of Bomboclaat?

Bomboclaat is a combination of “Bumbo” and “claat”, the two words together pronounced as “Bumboclaat” means toilet paper or menstrual pads. Bumbo is the Jamaican word for bottom while claat is the patois pronunciation of cloth. There are different spelling variations of the word but the correct spelling is “Bumboclaat” in the Jamaican language.

This popular Jamaican word is being used for the new trending meme on Twitter and it’s beginning to overshadow Sco pa tu manaa. The word can be used in different places, either as a curse word, exclamation or just as an expression. The word is used to show extreme levels of surprise, frustration or even anger and mostly used instead of “f**k”, for example: “Wah di bomboclaat yuh sey?” meaning “What the f**k do you say?

In this short article, I will explain the true meaning of Bomboclaat and how it is being used across Social Media.

What Does Bomboclaat mean?

Simply put, Bomboclaat, when used by Jamaican Patois, is to curse anyone or show surprise and anger. The word is commonly used alongside other curse words such as Bloodclaat, Pussyclaat or even together as Bombobloodclaat or Bombopussyclaat.

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However, on Twitter, the word is being used as a meme to depict two different looks and users are giving it different interpretations as a reply and quoted tweet. The trend started after a picture of a rat was shared in two frames. The first frame showing the rat coming out of his hideout and the second frame showing the rat going inside. Below are some of the most popular meme edition from Twitter.

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