Updates from the CIT workshop at KWASU

The program began with an opening prayer from a Female student after which the Director introduced the organizers, participants of the program and welcomed everyone in attendance.

The first lecture by Engineer Musbau introduced the participant to hotspot, WiFi and how its applicable to students of Kwara State University, Malete. The lecturer also provided means for acquiring students Login information. 

Mrs Kolawole as the second lecturer buttressed points about student portal ethics and issues that may address from it’s usage. She therefore implored students to direct all complaints to the CIT email, however issues that has to do with results and course registration should be directed to Registry,  level advisers and your departments. The CIT director during her lecture introduced students to the benefits of using customized school email, how to contact users through the groups on mailing directories and how to access countless numbers of Microsoft products and services available on the web and She called a students attention to vocabs that are allowed for asking questions. 

Another staff of the CIT detailed participant on how to keep their ATM cards safe while transacting online and security checks for maintaining your card privacy (pin/details). 

A staff from the Computer repair center implored students to take good care of the computing system as it is very vital to their academic performance and also, check for updates on their system and try as much as possible to install softwares themselves and troubleshoots simple problems on their computing system as it develops their digital awareness rather than relying solely on the CRC and he also gave price and registration fee for their services.

While the last lecturer gave insights into what should be expected of a student to attempt a Computer based Assessment (CBA) an assessment that normally takes place at any CBT hall, how to use the CBT centers, where to complain and preparations that should be made towards a successful CBA in Kwasu and elsewhere.

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