Unilorin Graduate and Andela Engineer Gets Instant Job Offer at Twitter

Dara Oladosu, a Nigerian developer, creator of “Quoted Replies” and a graduate of Anatomy from the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) was offered a job at Twitter during Jack Dorsey’s visit to Nigeria.

The Unilorin Graduate was lucky enough to make it to the short session of the Twitter team at Techpoint Africa’s office in Lagos gave a brief explanation of the “Quoted Replies” bot. Quoted replies is a both that helps Twitter users get replies from any tweet just by tagging @QuotedReplies under the Tweets.

After his presentation, Kayvon, the product manager at Twitter was fascinated about his product and asked him to come work at Twitter to build a native Quoted Replies bot. Dara built the bot in December 2018 when he realized he could get quoted replies of a tweet just by searching with a copied link.

During the presentation, the Unilorin Graduate who is also a Software Engineer at Andela said his bot had over 40 million impressions from October alone and everyone was impressed with his products.

After Kayvon Beykpour offered him a job at Twitter, Dara was invited to join the team on stage throughout their visit at Techpoint Africa’s office in Lagos.

As at that time of this report, his role at Twitter is not known yet. From everyone at Campus Trybe, We congratulate Dara and wish him all the best on his journey.


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