Top 7 secrets to become a first class student

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The decisions you make while in school will definitely determine what you will come out with at the end of that course. To graduate best, you must sacrifice a lot. Here are few secrets you should know as a student if you want to make good marks with ease.
Don’t skip class: If you want to come out with best marks as a student, you must ensure that you don’t miss your lectures. The more you go to class, the less you have to study. If you are bored with the long lectures, highlight, underline and capitalise important points.
Learn to love the library: Ireti Akinsola, the best graduating student of the 2016/2017 of Crawford University, Igbesa Ogun State, said, ”I always make sure that I ask questions, submit assignments and make more use of the books in the library.” Study hard, ask questions in class, finish all assignments and stand out from all other students.
Believe In yourself and go the extra miles: You must be committed and be willing to go extra miles in reading ahead of your lecturers, course outlines and research.  It will make you stand head and shoulders above the rest.
And do not accept mediocre as an option if you want to finish as a first class graduate. 24-year-old Saka Ismail, the best graduating student of the University of Ilorin 2014/15 said, ‘’I planned to be among the top 10 out of 216 in my class, not knowing that would be sufficient to be the overall best.’’
Ayodele Daniel Dada, the 2014/2015 best graduating student of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), said, You don’t have to be a genius to get the results of a genius. Just target excellence always.
 Find a study Buddy: There is one dependable friend you should seek out in school. They are called ‘study buddy’. These are group of people who can help you with your studies. No one knows everything, and even if you are so intelligent academically, you will find that some of your course mates have a better understanding of particular course than you do.
Eat Healthy: The easiest way to maintain a healthy diet in school is to establish a healthy routine. Healthy eating habits have positive effects on everyone. To excel academically as a student you must be physically able to attend class. Remember to manage your time, get enough rest and drink plenty water.
Limit your time on social media: Spending hours of your life on social media is also pretty bad for you as a student if you are not using it the right way. If you struggle a bit in this area of your addiction, please work on yourself.
Lastly, surround yourself with like-minded people and do what works for you. One of the most important decisions we make on campus is who we choose to be around us.  If you want to finish as overall best, surround yourself with people who will encourage, motivate and mould you to achieve more in your studies. Don’t be carried away with all the side attractions on campus, be focused and do what works for you.

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