Top 5 reasons why Lagos is better than Abuja

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 Sometimes it looks like there is a power struggle between Lagos, the industrial hub of the nation, the former capital city of Nigeria and its rival city, Abuja the current capital city of Nigeria.

Overtime, many have compared both states and argued about the better place for work and residency, as these are two large cities are known to greatly influence the industrial sector and the administration of the nation.

Abuja, the capital of Nigeria may be the seat of power but Lagos is one of the largest cities in Africa. A city that best combines the diversities, character and strength of Nigeria. Many are the tales you will hear about Lagos; some good, some bad and some ugly but if you ever have your eyes on a great future, the place to be has to be “the centre of excellence” – Lagos.

A place where you are offered the kind of future you desire, a future filled with so many opportunities and possibilities. The commercial nerve centre of the nation and host to most of the big corporations in the country.

Here is a list of the top 5 reasons why Lagos is better than Abuja:

· Relatively affordable accommodation:
Believe it or not the cost of housing in Lagos is relatively affordable when compared to other major cities like Abuja and Port Harcourt. You can get a suitable accommodation in Ikeja or yaba the fastest growing tech hub in Lagos at a price that wouldn’t break a bank.

· Tourist Haven:
From prestigious Lagos hotels like Ibis Hotel Ikeja, Ikoyi Fairview Apartments and Maison Fahrenheit to exotic restaurant and beautiful beaches. The city of Lagos is always bubbling with activities and fun places to see. This city has a deeper cultural heritage when compared to Abuja. Enjoy the cultural beauty of Eyo festival, nature’s scenic view at the Lekki Conservation Centre, historic relic at the Nigerian National Museum and Badagry Black Heritage Museum.

From art studios to beaches, parks and many others, the tourism trail in Lagos affords every tourist the opportunity to enjoy a lifetime experience.

· Employment opportunities:
Ever wondered why it is known as the land of opportunities?It is the land where millionaires, IT experts and entrepreneurs thrive. In Nigeria, there is no better place to work than in Lagos. This is the city where anyone can start from scratch and become an overnight phenomenon, a land where dreams come true.

Several large corporations and international organization can be found in the city. Many celebrities and millionaires rose from slums in Lagos.

· Ain’t no party like a Lagos party:
Lagosians are notorious hustlers; they are street wise and know just how to have the right amount of fun. Home to the largest number of celebrities and entertainers in the country, the city of Lagos can never run out of social functions for you to attend.There are a number of choice hotels, lounges, bars, malls and fun spots where people can chill and unwind.

· Better Standard of living:
Lagos opens up it bowel to people of all classes and social status, a city with a huge annual influx of people of various ethnicity. It is blessed with the right amount of resources to cater to its populace. A data study by Expatistan, states that the overall cost of living in the Lagos is lower by 2% when compared to Abuja.

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