Tade Ajiboye the brain behind the Mobile Water Bubble Game

Tade Ajiboye is a 19-year-old engineering student of the University of Lagos (UNILAG). The young innovator became famous after creating a mobile version of Nigerian’s favourite ‘Water Bubble’ game.The water game bubble before Tade’s creation was a great delight for almost all Nigerian children in the 90’s. Back then, the water game was in everyone’s house, with every child getting busy trying to get those tiny colourful rings hang on the spiky stuff inside the aquarium like game. Ajiboye inspired by this toy recently decided to create the mobile version of the game.
The aim of Water bubble is simple: put all the rings on the bars as quickly as possible – and the game is still as addictive and annoying as we remember.
Speaking on what inspired him to create the game, he said, “I’ve always loved games probably because I’ve always been good at them. And I’ve been interested in creating them for quite a while now.”

The whole idea came after a conversation with a friend about the old games we used to play. ”I thought it might be a great idea to recreate one of the most annoying games from our childhood,” he added.
Tade is indeed a Campus Hero and kudos goes to him for making adult life and that of the younger generation a lot more fun by digging out a game enjoyed in the 90’s to create the mobile version of the game in the 20th century.
The game brings this nostalgic feeling bringing one’s childhood memories back to life.

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