Sex For Grades: Universities Lecturers Exposed in BBC Documentary

Sex for Grades is a 52-minutes long documentary by BBC Africa Eye team featured four lecturers from two of West Africa’s leading universities – UNILAG and the University of Ghana. The investigative project was led by Kiki Mordi, a reporter at BBC Africa Eye and some other volunteer investigative journalists.

The documentary exposed the atrocities committed by lecturers and how female students – those struggling with studies, seeking admission or in search of mentors are being exploited and harassed sexually.

Dr. Samuel Oladipo and Dr. Boniface Igbenegbu from the University of Lagos while Ransford Gyampo and Paul Butakor from the University of Ghana were culprits as revealed in the documentary.

sex for grades
Picture of Dr. Boniface in his Unilag office with an undercover journalist

Dr. Boniface Igbenegbu, a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lagos, and head pastor of Foursquare Gospel Church were caught trying to sexually harass the undercover reporter who posed as a 17-year-old girl seeking admission into the university.

Dr. Igbenegbu first offered himself as a spiritual and academic mentor to the undercover reporter. But on other subsequent meetings, he made sexual advances towards the reporter into engaging in sexual acts with him.

He also revealed how lecturers take female students to the university’s Senior Staff Club, nicknamed the ‘Cold Room’ to commit all manner of sexual atrocities or sex for grades.

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Another lecturer, Samuel Oladipo of the Economics department of the University of Lagos who was not specifically targeted by the BBC Africa Eye team, approached the reporter, Kiki Mordi, while the team was reporting on the university campus, and made sexual advances towards her with the promise of helping her with her studies

At the University of Ghana, Ransford Gyampo promised to help the undercover journalist for sex for grades with her postgraduate studies and national service.

He promised to marry her. He took her to a mall, where he bought her shoes and asked her if she has been “violently kissed” before.

Ms. Mordi, the lead reporter of the documentary, who herself had suffered sexual harassment disclosed that she was forced to quit her undergraduate studies after the unfortunate incident as she could no longer bear the trauma.

The BBC Africa Eye team comprising Kiki Mordi, Kemi Alabi and Charlie Northcott began the investigations into the #SexforGrades as far back as November 2017.

Watch the Full Video on Sex For Grades here

In exposing these lecturers, the BBC Africa Eye team made use of undercover reporters posing as students, with revelations of how female students are blackmailed and sexually harassed by male lecturers in exchange for better grades and mentorship.

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