What is The Meaning of Sco Pa Tu Manaa?

The real meaning of Sco pa tu manaa is “I’ll hit you” which originated from Hawaiian Language.

Sco pa tu mana surfaced online few months after the short break from “O jewa ka eng” which means “what is it that is bothering your soul” Twitter users were introduced to yet another hilarious phrase. The phrase “So Pa Tu Manaa” has been trending on Twitter for a while now and everyone seems to be bothered about the actual meaning of the phrase since it’s being used in different contexts.

In this short article, I will explain the true meaning of Sco Pa Tu Manaa and how it is being used across Social Media.

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What does Sco Pa Tu Manaa mean?

Let us break this question into two parts, first by explaining the phrase meaning in English and secondly by giving deep insights into its actual meaning as it is being used on social media.

campus trybe

The actual meaning of Sco Pa Tu Manaa is “What experience does this remind you of”, which can be translated to several other contexts around that.

Now, let us explore what the phrase Sco Pa Tu Manaa really means. The use of this phrase is to get people to speak about their experience of anything they can imagine. It has been used to talk about school, food, place, country, football player, restaurants, politicians, relationship and even users favorite influencers.

NB: There are different variations of the spelling which may prompt different meanings from different languages. Some of the examples are below;

In Malay language “Sco Pa Tu Mana” means “Where is that”

sco pa tu mana meaning in malay

If spelt as Sco Pa Tu Ma naa it means “You’re gonna get a lot of money” in Hawaiian language

sco pa tu mana

In the same Hawaiian language, Sco Pa Tu Ma na can be interpreted as “I’m sorry”

sco pa tu mana

Sco Pa Tu Ma naa from Hawaiian language means “I’ll hit you”

meaning of sco pa tu mana

Our Top Five Sco Pa Tu Mana threads on Twitter

How to use the phrase

As it is right now, there are no rules as to when and how to use the phrase. It is all about sharing your own experience of anything be it a living thing or inanimate objects. The trend has taken various use as of recent and some of the popular versions of “Sco Pa Tu Manaa” or “Sco Pa Tu Mana” include the following.

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1. Sco pa tu mana Influencers Edition

In this category, social media users can share their experience and what the influencer reminds them of in the past.

2. Sco pa tu mana Football Edition

Comments in this section centers around particular footballers and especially the trick they’ve performed in the past.

3. School Edition

In this category, users shared what the school reminds them of as regards academic performance, lecturers and lots more.

4. Products/Company Edition

This category exposes social media users into different alternative ways some of the products and how companies under the trend operate or behaved in the past.

5. Country Edition

In this category, social media users shared what a country or state remind them about based on past experience.

6. Politician Edition

Users comment on past actions and activities of past and recent popular politicians.

7. Sco pa tu mana Celebrity Edition

Users shared their experience about celebrities which are extremely hilarious

8.Sco pa tu mana Food Edition

Under this category, users share what some foods remind them of

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9. Random Edition

This category exposes users to different other things such as career advice, relationship advice and lots more.

Sharing your experience on what something remind you of is great but we’ve seen users narrate extremely unbelievable things about others, what do you think about the trend?



  1. I believe the more accurate translation of scopa tu mana (maybe sounds like scops tu cemana?) from Malay to English is “What is scopa?” since I personally don’t know if such word like scopa exist in the Malay dictionary.

  2. Where is this notion coming from that sco pa tu mana is Hawaiian? I’m very confused. It doesn’t even remotely look like the Hawaiian language, nor does it mean any of those phrases listed.

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