#ROC: My Journey to Limelight – Titilope Atolagbe

Hello eveyone, it’s Campus Trybe first episode of #Right On Campus, where we interview students in various spheres of life and this week, with us is the talk of Nigeria Campus, Beauty Queen, Titilope Atolagbe as She take us through her journey to limelight.

Introduce yourself briefly

I am Titilope Omowumi Atolagbe. A 300level Entepreneurship student of Kwara State University, Malete . I am  a Christian. A Beauty Queen with brain, in my ealry 20s. I am single, the fourth child out of five. Dark in complexion, loves singing, listening to Gospel songs, loves gists, meeting people, plays volleyball and reads a lot.

How did you began your modelling journey?

I actually began modelling through a friend Foaly Photography. I never had any idea about it, But the interest and determination to go into modelling. Foaly asked me to contest for Face of Step on it Magazine  and I won. That had been the moment when I realized that my journey into modelling isn’t a mistake. I was so happy and got motivated to participate in another contest which was Queen of the City where I emerged the Ambassador to the West. After which I was introduced to Face of University Nigeria, the contest was held online, I came first as well and got awarded Miss Popularity, then proceeded to the final stage, held at Victoria Island, Lagos State, where I networked with experts in modelling and got to know more about what it takes to be a successful Model. I was discouraged a little because it was my first time of appearing on stage as a beauty pageant. My earlier contest were virtual (Instagram). Finally I emerged as the second runner up as Face of University Nigeria Tourism. That has been my experience so far. Thus, I have received countless numbers of invitations as  Judge, Speaker and Special Guest at various events and I just got nominated for two other awards which are Elite Vibes Awards as Face of Elite Vibes Award and Face of Kwasu and Jkrue Award as Miss Jkrue and I am looking forward to your usual support.

What are your challenges? (Academic/Modelling)

My stature has been my major challenge since inception but my manager told me not to bother about that “Titi, your stature does not matter it depends on your ability to present yourself well”. Then Church, most people believes that models are Harlots and that they can do anything to get to the top and its not advisable for a Believer to get involved in such act. I would say that had been the stereotypes about models and of which not all models behaves the same. Fine, there are some people that would do that in order to get what they want But Titilope will never do that because it’s against God’s wish and my family teachings. What I do instead is to pray to God to uplift me in my endowments without conflicting with his teachings. Academically, I don’t have any issues combining both academics and modelling because my education is my primary assignment which I must complete with a good grade for me to advance my carrier as a model, without necessary education an aspiring model could likely get laid over nothing and it will draw back your achievements. So I’m cool with both.

What are your inspirations?

My main source of inspiration had been the people around me (Colleagues/Friends). Their believe keeps me moving, it inspires me to move on and believe in myself. My Mum is wonderful, She supports me a lot, and my siblings, they remain my biggest Fans.

What are your career prospects?

A great Entrepreneur and employer of labors.

How do you cope with male admirers?

It’s very common but they are cool and I do cope with them.

Advice for aspiring Models

As long as you think, think BIG

You can connect with her on Instagram @queen_taity,  Facebook @Hormowumi Teeteelorpe. Ttwitter @qween_taity and check out some of her pictures below

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