#ROC I am a Big Fan of Nigeria – Josh Egesi

Can we meet you?
My name is Josh Egesi, from a Family of five kids with a single parent, My Mom. I had my National Diploma  in General Art and industrial design from the Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo State and a recent graduate of University of Benin in Fine Arts with painting major. I’m a creative artist, I do everything that has to do with Art, Graphic design, Fashion Illustration and Painting.
How did you began the journey?
It all begun at the Environmental art garden Abuja, in 2015 while I was an intern at the Garden for 6 months, I got an instructions from my boss to make something out of bottle caps. Then I realized I can actually make a portrait with this bottle caps as a result of my background in Design and recycling. I proposes the project to my project supervisor and she suggested we are gonna be making the portrait of Uniben’s  Vice Chancellor with bottle caps. I started sourcing for my materials, traveled all the way to Abuja to get some bottle caps in a dump yard around Karimo, some Hausa guys gathered some kids that helped in sourcing for the materials and got about 12,000 bottle caps and I paid 20 for a dozen. Bringing the bottle caps over to benin was not easier, and my friends actually gave me some bottle caps as well. The process was difficult as it involves washing the caps, some of my friends also helped me in washing the caps as well. I got the board, glue and commenced the project and I started sticking the caps on the pre-planned project layout (Size & Structure) without a sketch. Firstly, I drew grid lines then I stopped to switch back to using my intuition.

What are your challenges?
Getting the required materials for my kind of art work was a bit difficult.

My inspiration?
I got my inspiration from the Environmental art garden in Abuja while I was on my internship and my love for recycling is also a plus.

Career Prospects?
I do fashion illustration, graphic designs, digital paintings, movie story boards. I’m restlessly creative an I am looking forward to making cool fashion pieces as well.

Advice for Young Artists.
I will advice you know what you want, and start developing yourself towards the attainment of your wants. You can predetermine your destination, but if you don’t know what you want you may likely get lost. The best way to become a better artist is by practice, because Practice makes perfection. Explore other forms of media, don’t just be glued to one part of art trends, think differently and do something new. I believe if everyone can do something different Nigeria would have been a better country. I remain a big fan of Nigeria, I love my country and will give it my very best to make Nigeria a better place. Think outside the box and find means of making Nigeria a better place, if not for your own sake but for the coming generations.

Let’s keep recycling.
There are countless of goodies in it.

As received from Josh Egesi

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