Nigerian Student who was treated as OUTCAST succeeds in the U.K

A Nigerian student, Victor Chukwueke who was treated as an outcast while in Nigeria because of his massive face tumors, has defied all odds with months away to becoming a medical doctor.
The young man who is now a 4th-year medical student at the University of Toledo, started his journey after his parents sought medical help in Nigeria and beyond.
Sharing his story, the medical student narrated that he was treated as an outcast in his home country “I was ostracized, I was afraid to go out in public. I couldn’t start medical school because I’m not a U.S. citizen,” he added.
He worked with Michigan Senator, Carl Levin on a private bill and his dream came true when President Barack Obama signed into law a private bill granting him permanent residency in the Unites States.
Chukwueke awaits residency match day to know where he will get his training. And he plans to use the skills he learned to help others in Nigeria. “I experienced firsthand how a lack of medical care can affect life,” he said.
Despite the obstacles, Chukueke remains committed to getting an education and he also realised that he wanted to do the same for others as he is now months away from becoming a doctor.

Victor Chukwueke (second from the left) is shown with his surgeon, Dr. Ian Jackson, the doctor's wife and the nun who has cared for him since he came to the United States.

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