MSSN Lagos state chapter pleads to FG

The Lagos chapter of the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN ) has urged the government at all levels not to compromise the standard of education due to the economic recession confronting the country. .

‎The President of the MSSN, Lagos, Gbenga Ashafa, lamented that students are among those most affected by the economic recession in the country as many parents are struggling to pay school fees while students are striving to cope on different campuses.

He said, “The economic situation in the country is very tough and no doubt students are not finding it easy to survive and sustain themselves on various campuses. Also, many parents are currently finding it very difficult to pay the school fees of their children and provide other basic needs. .

“The teachers are not also spared; meeting up with the daily requirement has been a very difficult thing for them. .

“All these accumulate to our calls on government at all levels to ensure that the economic recession does not affect the standard of education. They should strive to ensure that the standard of education is not compromised. .

“Leaders at all levels must realise that education remains a golden asset for Nigeria and everything should be done to protect its standard.

“Allowing recession to affect the quality of education at primary, secondary or tertiary levels, is like digging the grave for innovation and building of great minds that will uplift Nigeria.”

Ashafa, therefore, advised that although times are hard, it is not an excuse for youth to delve into illegal practices.
“It is understandable that things are hard but that should not propel illegalities such as taking bribes, gambling, stealing, and deprivation of another person’s right because of money.

“At this period, parents and guardians need to step up the way they monitor their children,” he added.

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