LASU frowns at big Earrings, Noserings and Necklaces on campus

Image result for lasuThe Management of Lagos State University (LASU) has clarified its recent ban on indecent dressing on campus.
A statement by the institution stated that female students may wear necklaces on campus but they must not be “very big”.
It reads: The attention of University Management has been drawn to misgivings on the part of students regarding the constituents of ‘Indecent Dressing’ and the implementation of the rules pertaining this. Management wishes to state categorically that extant constituents of inappropriate dressing are as contained in the Students’ Code of Conduct Form which was considered and approved at the 232nd Statutory Meeting of Senate on Thursday, 29th September, 2016 and is available on the registration portal.
These are listed in 1-16 below. The following constitute inappropriate modes of dressing by students which shall attract sanctions from the University:

  1. Wearing transparent dresses, mini and skimpy skirts/dresses, and other clothes revealing sensitive parts of the body.
  2. Wearing tattered, dirty jeans with holes or obscene subliminal messages.
  3. Wearing “baggy”, “saggy”, “yansh,” “ass level” and over length trousers.
  4. Wearing tight fitting apparels that reveal body shape and contours of the body.
  5. Wearing T-Shirt and Tops with obscene, obnoxious or seductive inscription.
  6. Wearing of loose tie, folding, holding and pocketing of tie.
  7. Wearing shirts without buttons, improperly buttoned, rolling of sleeves or flying collar.
  8. Wearing of face Caps or complete covering of face.
  9. Piercing of body and tattooing.
  10. Wearing of ear rings by male students.
  11. 11.Wearing of nose ring, very big, dropping ear rings and necklaces by female students.
  12. Wearing of distractive knocking shoes like stiletto heels to lecture rooms and the Library is frowned at and students may be denied admittance to such places.
  13. Plaiting, weaving, bonding of hair by male students.
  14. Knickers, tight shorts and slacks are allowed only for sports.
  15. Wearing of slippers is not allowed.
  16. 16.Wearing of lousy, unkempt, extremely bogus hair or artificial hair.For the avoidance of doubt, there is no rule in Lagos State University forbidding female students from wearing earrings and necklaces. Equally, there is no rule forbidding female students from wearing natural or artificial hair below shoulder level.

Item 11. above is not in reference to necklaces as such but very big dropping necklaces, just as item 16. has nothing in common with item q. subsection xix of LASU’s Code of Conduct for Students (page 78, in the Students’ Handbook, 2016 where ‘hair attachment beyond shoulder length’ is mentioned, and which has been invalidated by the amendment of 29th September 2016.
The institution, however, urged students to read the Students Code of Conduct Form to know what is categorised as “inappropriate dressing”.

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