#LadanSaidat 2017 for SHSN(KWASU) president and vice president

The current wave of news going around the Kwara State University campus, Malete is that of the campaign  in which all aspirants in various departments are trying their possible in convincing their fellow colleagues in their departments to get their vote in attaining a position to be among one of the governing body of the department.

These are the campaign advertisement of a duo aspirants who come together to form a party in which they are aspiring for two different post.

“A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help to those who are doing well to do even better”.

  • The Most Competent
  • The Most Reliable
  • The Most Credible
  • the most Vibrant 
  • The Visionary Leader 
  • The Most Eloquent 

An Agent of Hope, VOTE  NOAH RILWAN for President and GANIU SAIDAT for Vice President

  • Support Competence
  • Support Good Governance 
  • Support New Vision 
  • Support Vision’17
CampusTrybe Team

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