How to share any app with whatsapp

There was a day I needed an app on my phone,  and the network was a bit slower to download the application.  I had to chat up one of my friend to share the app with me on whatsapp of which he was unable to share,  out of my curiosity I coughed out this step by step guide on how to share applications and any other files (not supported by whatsapp)  through whatsapp.

Step 1: Locate the app file (.apk), or you will first back up the app and locate it’s file.

Step 2: Long click on the app file to rename it’s extension.

Step 3: Rename file extension from (.apk) to (.doc, .pdf, .docx) or any supported extension by whatsapp.

Step 4: Share the file, the recipient will go through same steps, rename the extension,  install and enjoy the application.

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