Brain Buliders International present Teens Speak Out 3.0


As a parent, my goal is to be proud of my child. Never relenting, I’m investing all I could to give him/her a happy and purposeful life that will set the feet on the path of success. Much tried, much invested, but the results are yet to thrill me.

What more do I have to do?

Ok… * How can my child become an amazing orator at a very tender age? * How can s/he master the prowess that will make s/he compete favourably on a global stage (debate; oratory contest; writing/essay competitions)? * Beyond, what if the young minds around are empowered with entrepreneurial skills that will help them grow up with little or no reliance on unfounded jobs?

Hello, these concerns have got us set up “TEENS SPEAK OUT” to bring the utmost fulfillment to your dreams as a parent and ambitious teen.

TEENS SPEAK OUT, an initiative of BRAIN BUILDERS INTERNATIONAL, is an academic competition that refines the talents in the Secondary School students. It doesn’t only help to discover, it equally ignite the skills (primarily reading, writing and public speaking) they are passionate about in a highly goal-driving manner. It further teaches them the knowhow of  the millennial carrier — ICT– and the noble ways to be successful in life.

In case you missed SPEAKOUT 1.0 and 2.0, kindly do a quick catch up here:

If you are passionate about the future of your children and Nigeria at large, you wouldn’t want to miss this edition of TEENS SPEAK OUT.

Be part, by: – Joining us to host 500 students from 80 respective schools. Do that by tagging along with your brands (companies and business ventures) playing a part in the publicity and awareness in the host state, Osun. Get your brand on the souvenir! -Being one of the media outlets, stakeholders, public figures and creativity experts that will join us to refresh the young minds, and educate them in a fun, deep and inspiring way.

P.S The program, captured by print media, will trend on the social media. This is absolutely a fantastic way to selling your brand through the momentum event.

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