Better fail then get Caught

I don’t know the best way of putting these words together but I hope you will read and digest it’s content in your own manner of contentment.
As examination is fast approaching,  students try different ways by which they can make good grades and be proud of themselves but individual brain by default can’t be forced out of natural functionalities and for this reason some students explores other means of making good grades through cheating in the examination hall, cheating or any other name you give it is an act that is frowned at by all religions of the world except for streetism, the new religion that based it’s injunctions on street orientations.  However,  tertiary institutions in Nigeria isn’t taking it easy with such practices and therefore frowns at any student caught in this act.  From all of us at Campus Trybe,  we present to you a Spoken Word that preaches to you how convincing it is to fail than get caught in the act as it consequences is highly disheartening.  Sit back and enjoy the lyrics. And we wish you all the very best of luck as you smile to your examination hall.

Failure is not the 🔚, but rather a means to an unknown 🔚.
Failure exist for certain reasons you are liable to bend
Failure, if thoroughly studied can be easily amend
Better fail and pretend, than get caught and you 🔚
Not even an animal, for your failure will condemn.
But every living soul for a mischief will condemn.
Not even multiple failures can be the end, but getting caught is definitely a messy end.
Yeah, you never read a word from the library, pray, submit,  smile and pretend.
Or you breath so hard, sweat profusely, shivers and end.
How about those that cheat with confidence.
What!!  You are troubling with negligence.
I doubt your competence.

To be CONTINUED!!!!  🔝 

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