A call to action by Comrade Peter Bukoye

Woke up this morning to read about SNAPCHAT. I didn’t read about the app but about the founder(s).

Let me summarize,
Snapchat started as a school assignment under the name “picaboo”  After the design, the founder employed a service of a code writer to help develop it to what the app is today.

Within a short space, the founder raise $485,000 in round seed. And continued to raise funds from several source.

Dropping from here to write my implication for Africa.

A number of us have done great assignments and because all we were just thinking about is the score the assignment end up in the paper and maybe with the groundnut woman who use the paper to serve groundnut.

A number of us has also tried developing ideas, apps and other products but due to fear of idea snatchers we allow the idea to either stay small or dead. Some of us did not even believe in the need to bring that other person to help us work on that idea.

As we all know their is a problem of funding in our region, this has contributed to the death of many projects. Government does not provide funds for startups, banks are the worst with high interest rate and also some friends and family are potential dream killers.

My snapchat review, a call for African youth to do serious findings into several issues we know affect us and jointly find solutions to them.

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