7 Reasons Graduating With A Second Class Is Better Than A First Class

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While you should always aim for the very best, the following reasons are why some people feel it is better to graduate with a second class.
See reasons below;
1. Employment
A job is not always guaranteed for anyone. So instead of spending five years totally focused on getting a first class why don’t you include building a CV in your plans and getting a stable source of income. Do not wait until you graduate before you look into building your streams of income.

While most universities promise automatic employment, sometimes this promise is not fulfilled, so a first class graduate without a job is more common than you would think. Get a source of income and graduate with a second class, instead of focusing on just getting a first class.
2. Paycheck
Many feel that a first class degree is the ticket to a huge paycheck running into millions, every month. In an ideal society, this would be true.
However, the reality is quite different, because while there are some organizations which allow for varying salary structures, most organizations, pay everyone equally as long as they are in the same position. So a first class graduate should not be surprised that they are earning the same as a second class graduate.
3. Streetwise
Many have found that due to the amount of time, first class graduates dedicated to their books and libraries, their knowledge in other things is affected. This is usually passed off as eccentricity.
Some therefore graduate with a first class degree, but with a little knowledge of how the world works or how to interact better with other humans. The ability to relate with humans outside of an academic environment is a very important skill to have.
4. Social life
This is closely related to the point highlighted above. Avoiding parties and limiting socializing to the barest minimum is almost like a prerequisite for all Nigerian first class graduates.
However, the truth is that most of Nigeria’s business and other endeavors is done in a social setting. Deals are concluded over bottles of beer, and people get jobs at parties where they meet their future employers.
5. Working experience
Many first class graduates end up working under people who graduated with a third class or even people who did not see the four walls of a classroom. This is the reality of today’s employment experience, one that most graduates need to accept soon.
A second class graduate might be able to swallow the obvious slight, while a first class graduate, due to the amount of work he/she has put in to get that degree.
6. Knowledge
Many first class graduates do not know as much as people think they actually do. Many were able to graduate with a first class because they had good reading and retention abilities. It is possible that the more practical aspects of their field of study might still be difficult for them.
So when they get into labor market, there are unusually high expectations which they may not live up to, leading to problems for them which a second class graduate may not face.
7. Cash prizes
The tradition of giving cash prizes to first class graduates seems to be expected in these times. It however has become what most graduates expect upon graduation.
This might foster a sense of entitlement and foster dependency. A second class graduate, is not expecting any such gifts and will likely be more proactive to gain financial freedom in his/her own way.

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