5 Places Not To Use Your ATM Card

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The usage of ATM cards, additionally known as Debit cards is one thing that ought not be taken lightly. If thieves or fraudsters get access to your account due to incorrect utilization of ATM card, you can honestly lose lots. With credit cards, customers who spot fraudulent fees on their bill can sincerely decline the fees and not pay the invoice. alternatively, debit cards take money without delay from your checking account, instead of from an middleman consisting of a credit card enterprise.

Where are some locations that are specially risky?
1. Online
“You don’t use a debit card online,” says Susan Tiffany, director of consumer periodicals for the Credit Union National Association. Since the debit card links directly to a checking account, “you have potential vulnerability there,” she says. Especially on websites that have doubtful security.
2. Restaurants
“To me, it’s dangerous,” says Gary Foreman, editor of the frugality minded website The Dollar Stretcher. “You have so many people around.” So watch the restaurants where you pay.
“Anecdotally, the cases that I’m hearing of credit or debit information being stolen, as often as not, it’s in a restaurant,” he says.
The danger: Restaurants are one of the few places where you have to let cards leave your sight when you use them. But others think that avoiding such situations is not workable.
3. Checkouts or ATMs that look ‘off’
Criminals are getting better with skimmers and planting them in places you’d never suspect — like ATM machines on bank property, says Foley.
So take a good look at the machine or card reader the next time you use an ATM, she advises. Does the machine fit together well or does something look off, different or like it doesn’t quite belong? Says Foley, “Make sure it doesn’t look like it’s been tampered with.”
4.  Buy now, take delivery later
Buying now but taking delivery days or weeks from now? A credit card offers dispute rights that a debit card typically does not.
“It may be an outfit you’re familiar with and trust, but something might go wrong,” says Breyault, “and you need protection.”
5. Lonely ATMs
You run the risk of skimmers. While skimmers can be found on bank ATMs, they’re less likely because there are often security cameras in place.

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