10 Types of Students in Every School Hostels

School hostels are sometimes unavoidable places to live for every student. Over time, the school hostels have proven to be the best alternative to accommodation on and off campuses.

The higher institution anywhere in the world opens up a whole world of experiences and meetings of all sorts of people that helps shape our ideology and how we think of others. Be it on the school campus or off-campus, this short article will share some of the types of people you should expect to meet in every school hostel.

1. School Hostels Noisemaker

No better name to qualify this type of students other than the noisemakers. Whether it’s during exam periods, early morning or night, they are always listening to loud music from their rooms. Like it or not, everyone in the hostel often looks up to them for the latest tracks and hip hop news.

2. The Troublemakers/Fighters

In everything you do, just pray you never come across this category of students in the school hostel. They can fight with anybody and everybody, portal, roommates, hostel cleaners, vendors and more. Guess what, they don’t fight with either their boyfriends and girlfriends.

3. The borrow borrow

This category of students already dropped their shoulder pad since the beginning of the session and they never cease to amaze others with their everlasting request. They borrow anything you can imagine from sugar, milk, noodles, pots, perfume, salt, lighter, red oil. The only thing they can’t borrow is your CGPA.

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4. The Squatters

Squatters are special breeds of students that help others share their space, kitchen, bedroom and even closets. Is either they spent their hostel fee on something or they just chose to be annoying, I don’t know. The most annoying part is when the exam approaches and you see your squatter recruiting new squatter to squat with him or her.

5. The Scholar

This category of students is after one thing and that’s their grade. They don’t care about their looks, what they wear, eat or where they sleep. Some of them even bring their books to football viewing centers. You hardly find them playing around, from the hostel to the library to class.

I wonder how they manage to make it to 8 AM classes even when water is scarce in the hostel. Share in the comments if you know how they do that.

6. The Food Explorers

You know that category of students that just knock on your door when your food gets ready, yes they are the food explorers. They are especially blessed with natural powers to perceive food aroma from miles away and know which rooms to enter first so they can help you share and reduce your portion.

7. The Entrepreneur

They take no chances with businesses and sell everything you can ever imagine. In recent times, some of them are even involved in the sales of digital products or services. They sell airtime, sneakers, clothes, pants, pure water, noodles, stationeries, school materials and lots more. They hardly sleep and I wonder how they manage to remain a student.


8. School Hostels Gossip Box

They neither work for Instablog9ja or LindaIkeji, they are just passionate town criers. The gossip box is always up to date with every happening in and out of the campus. How they manage to get information is a mystery to many, from news about the school administrations to hostel gists, they sure have the latest and you can always look up to them.

They hardly speak outside their gist zone but fear them for your safety.

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9. The Man of God

Is either they are going to the mosque or they are on their way to set up the instruments for fellowship. Their only joy is to meet every student in heaven and they can’t hide their joy in calling everyone to the path of God. If you’re attentive you must have heard of “wake up, it’s time for morning devotion” or “Muslim sisters! As-solaat”. I wonder if they attend lectures at all or they don’t ever get tired of what they do.

10. School Hostels Honorable

We sometimes confused them for school staff because this category of students knows every damn history that has happened several years ago. They are probably spill over students who have been in the school hostels for so long and everyone accord them with due respect.

What other types of students did we miss from the list?

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