10 types of student in an examination hall

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1. Totally Chill 

There is always that one person who is completely unfazed by the fact that they’re sitting in an exam hall. This person is completely calm and collected and it is very aggravating to look at them. They are either incredibly intelligent or have just accepted their fate.
2. The First to Finish
Some of us have come across this rare species of student. While some of us are afraid to even turn the paper over in the answer booklet in fear of the looks we’ll get, there are those who finish the exam before you even read the question paper. These people are pretty intimidating. They usually leave others quite confused. ‘Can they write really fast or do they know what they are writing?’ That is the question.

3. The Human Xerox
This kind of people, they probably know nothing about the subject. They have only got four actions programmed into them. They will look to the front, back, right and left. Some who have mastered these techniques will somehow be able to get answers from all the way across the room and even get higher marks than people they got what to write from.
4. That One Student
There will always be that one student who tries asking the invigilator for answers. You would think they would have learned by now that the only thing they will get is a glare and a boot out the door. But their adamant refusal to believe this is intriguing.
5. The Temporarily Blind
These students so badly want the answers from a fellow student but all of a sudden become blind. They’ll probably ask for you to lift your paper just a little more every five seconds but end up sighing in defeat as they realize all they see are blurry letters. But that does not stop them from asking again.
6. Amnesiac
They swear that they have studied for the exam but have somehow forgotten everything. I can say from experience that this is the worst feeling. You have studied it all and it all looks so familiar but you just that place it. It is like having a word at the tip of your tongue but you just can’t get it
7. Funny Bone
These ones just start laughing at/with themselves like they just made the best inside joke. You’ll want to know what’s so funny but you have got other things to worry about.
8. The Silent Sobbers
For some people it all just gets to be too much. They might have done more than enough revision, but they have a total nervous breakdown. These students are similar to the ‘Funny Bone’ type but they choose to do it the old-fashioned way, by sobbing into their desk.
9. The Last Minute Writer
They will be pretty relaxed during the first half of the exam but as soon as the invigilator announces that time is almost over or “get ready to stop”, they turn into Flash. The teacher literally has to snatch the paper out of their hands for them to stop writing.
10. The one who always gets caught
This poor person tries to cheat whenever they can, but is unsuccessful because they are terrible at it. Usually the reason for their failed attempt is probably because the invigilators are always smarter. They get yelled at and at the worst of times, get their paper taken away or even torn.

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