10 Reasons Every Students Should Have a Laptop

A laptop is a portable mobile computer that came into existence in the 80s. It is a great technology device that allows users to take it along anywhere they go and as such making it use, Laptops can be used at work, school or even at home. Laptops keep users connected to their online resources such as emails, websites and other useful information making a must-have for all students to enhance learning.

Some of the reasons why students should have a laptop are the followings;

Laptops can be used to take notes faster and allowing enough time for other productive engagements. Students can use their Laptop to take notes while in the classroom, seminars or conferences, they can go as far as installing software that automatically translates voice into the text to make note-taking faster.

Laptops serve as a repository of knowledge. It is where stores all their files, references and an alternative for the library. Due to the storage capacity of laptops, students find it easier to quickly attend to their assignments in due time.

Laptops help students develop online collaboration and communication skills by using services such as Google Docs and similar others. Students find it easier to engage and communicate with friends and families via the internet as it incurs fewer phone bills.

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Laptops aid students with visual learning by watching videos and attending the webinar. Students can share educational multimedia files such as voice note, music, video with their Laptop which in turn enhance learning.

Laptops can as well serve as an alternative way of making money for a student. High-end laptops can be used for creating software that is profitable or for a freelance graphics designer to carry out tasks in other to make some money while being a student.

Students can access online libraries from their laptops to download books and other useful academic materials. Laptop also saves time on buying paperbacks from bookshops and keeping books. A laptop serves as an alternative storage for keeping books and other important materials with on-the-move accessibility.

It increases student’s know-how, laptop with internet connection encourages students to read the news, industry press releases and keeping them abreast of the necessary information to make them grow. Accessibility to online news portal makes it easier for a student to garner knowledge at their convenience.

Laptop improves technology savviness as it increases student’s interest in using other technological devices, gadgets and keeping them abreast of information in the tech market. Laptop usage equips students with soft skills such as setting up a wireless connection, online collaboration, operating projectors and many more.

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A laptop increases the level of productivity in students such as scheduling, manage activities and using online planners. By using a laptop, enables students to type faster, keep track of their tasks and use an online calendar or planner.

Laptops come with additional features such as built-in web-cam, WiFi access, USB ports, Microphones, and many others. More importantly, Laptop is mobile as against desktop computer that can be rarely moved around and all of these extra features makes a laptop a must-have device for every student.

However, it is equally important to buy a high-end laptop that is durable, strong with great warranty options. It is usually advised to buy the latest laptop with newer operating system versions and much better specifications.



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