10 Positive Impacts of Video Games on Students in 2019

Video games are one of the most important parts of growing up for kids. It is a means of recreation and as with any other type of digital gadgets, parents feel video games may lead to antisocial behaviors that may affect physical well being particularly with shooting video games.

Some people feel playing video games is a waste of time and as such shouldn’t be encouraged, hereby neglecting the positive effects it may have on individual physical and mental well beings.

This post will pinpoint some of the positive effects of video games and how you can amass their benefits.

  1. Increased Critical-Thinking

Video games are an indirect means by which people can increase their critical thinking capabilities and analytical skills. Especially video games with multiple characters, scenery and challenges to scale through stages.

This game requires players to analyze the situation of things, evaluate options and make logical moves that will increase their probability of not losing the game.

  1. Video Game Enhances Social Skills

Most video games are played in pairs, thereby improving the level of conversation between two or more people and helps become better at socializing. Games teach people to communicate effectively and contribute in positive ways.

Video game are one of the ways to develop a closer relationship with strangers and ultimately it reduces the level of depression, anxiety and aggressive behaviors in Kids.

  1. Visual Aid and Multitasking Abilities

Game playing requires complex activities to achieve greater scores, hereby contributing to visual sensory and motor skill development such as the use of fingers and thumbs. Video game make it easier for people to identify quickly and take action faster than people who don’t play games.

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  1. Academic Development

As funny as this may sound, video games can be used as an alternative means to achieve productivity in learning. It improves spatial awareness, knowledge retention, helps with maths, literacy and other educational topics. This is because video games involve active engagements of the mind and other physical parts of the body.

  1. Healthy Living

Gaming promotes healthy living, helps ward off stress and makes people happy especially kids. With the advancement of gaming consoles, wireless gaming pads require stretching when playing games which helps exercise their muscles. 

  1. Good Team Work

One of the best ways to learn collaboration is through fun activities in which game is the most common fun engagement to enhance teamwork abilities. Some video games have multiplayer options that require people to engage and make decisions together to reach a common goal of winning the game.

  1. Video Game Builds Confidence

Playing games requires taking immediate decisions through learning, mastery to overcome obstacles and become victorious. It develops a strong will towards persistence and contributes greatly to player confidence.

  1. Improves Goal-Setting Abilities

Goal setting is a great prerequisite for practically all activities to help people achieve more and be productive. Video game make players decide faster towards achieving their goals of playing games such as winning a war or multiplying points in effective manners. 

  1. Video Game Improves Concentration

Game playing requires full concentration to achieve the goal of playing the game. People who are addicted to video game will find it much easier to concentrate on other things outside the game.

  1. Career Improvement

As funny as this may sound, it is obvious that Video game helps players to demonstrate a high level of strategic thinking, problem-solving, plan formulation, analysis and many others abilities that can contribute to professional growth. 

Playing of video game should not be discouraged as positive influences are great considerations due to the benefit it entails.


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